1. View space 24 hours / 365 days, enabling to show the attractiveness of the space anytime.

  2. Even for the same space, you can make a scene proposal by shooting with multiple atmospheres.

  3. Video that describes space is also available.

Immersive Walkthrough

3D-Showcase delivers an immersive 360 view of your store or place through internal views, dollhouse views, floor plan views, and more

Virtual Reality

You can also view your VR space using VR Goggles (Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, Google Cardboard).


Floor plan of your store, place, or event space can be created by simply pressing the button.

Material Content

Adding appeal points directly to the 3D space to highlight the key services of the store or place


You can make measurements directly from 3D space. Visiting to the place is not required.


When doing marketing campaigns, you can track the performance and use the statistics from each space to identify and analyse customer responses.

More information presented by adding photos and videos

You can embed service photos and videos that have already been produced in 3D-Showcase. You can appeal your own service more proactively and specifically.

Easy sharing

3D-Showcase is easy to share. It is possible to share with simple links on SNS and websites. Visitors can explore 3D-Showcase using a web browser. No additional applications or downloads are required.

All-in-one solutions

With just one time photo shooting, you get all the innovative VR content including printable 4K photos, online 3D walkthroughs, virtual reality and schematic floor plans.


Gallery data will be provided by <iframe> tag. If you would like to embed it on your website, you can send information regardless of the device: personal computers, tablets, smartphones or computer terminals. We will also support the launch of a new website.


Even if you do not have a web site, we will provide a dedicated page for each customer on our site, so you can use it from the page.

Please be aware that some companies decrease the number of shooting points in order to reduce the cost.

  1. The shooting point is made with consideration of human’s steps.
  2. Shooting point is straight. When not straight, it can cause you motion sickness.
  3. You can go to any place where you want. For example, you can even sit on the sofa.